Pneumatic Tube System:

The use of pneumatic tube system to suit the demands and requirements of the day-to-day running of a hospital avoiding men dependent activities. For example: During an operation, removed tissue samples are sent to the relevant laboratory via the pneumatic tube system to be analyzed. The results are returned via the pneumatic tube system to the operating theatre ensuring the continuation of the operation. This also ensures less errors in delivering the samples / blood bags / documents from one place to other.

Under Pneumatic Tube System following products / services can be offered:

  • Designing of Pneumatic Tube System i.e. single line diagram and layout plan.
  • Blowers as per the requirement of no. of stations required.
  • Main Control Unit.
  • Pneumatic Tube Stations.
  • Carriers.
  • Carriers Holders.
  • PVC Tubes.
  • Diverters.






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