Reciprocating Air Compressor package with reservoir, dryer, CO and Dew Point Monitor

Scroll Air Compressor Package (As per NFPA 99c standard)

Fully automatic Control panel (As per NFPA 99c Standard) and so onů

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Package System (As per NFPA 99c standard)

Master Alarm / Area Alarm and versions of Gas Points (as per NFPA 99c standard)

Valve Box (as per NFPA 99c standard)

CO and Dew Point Monitor.

Ceiling Pendants for Operation Theatres

Ceiling Suspended Medical Supply Units for Critical Care Areas

Area Alarm Panels with Digital Monitoring (as per NFPA 99c standard)

Gas Outlet Point (as per DIN EN 737 standards)

AGSS System (as per BS EN 737 standards)

Reservoir with Filter Stations (Compressed Air)

Stack Mount Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump package (as per NFPA 99c standard)

Adult / Paediatric flow meters

Bed Head Units for Patient rooms

Bed Head Units for Pediatric rooms

Motorized ceiling pendants for Operation Theatres

Screw Compressor Systems with Dryer arrangement

Vacuum Bacterial Filters.

3 Mode Vacuum Unit for Patient use.

Air Dryer Arrangement with Air Filters.

Reciprocating Compressors Installed on base frame.

Pressure reducing station for compressed Air.

Oxygen Manifold with Control Panel with Digital monitoring.

Screw Compressors with Dryer and interconnecting piping. (as per DIN EN 737 standards)