Specialized Carts, Storage and Nursing Stations:

Our carts and storage devices understands that Metal cases couldn’t withstand years of use—at least without showing signs of wear, like scratches, dents, and rust spots. We also understand that healthcare staff didn’t like meeting up with sharp corners or navigating poorly aligned and heavy carts. Also we believed that interchangeable components made a lot of sense, that a modular carts system could save time and money and improve efficiency and productivity.


A modular system of carts means that sizes are universal and that drawers and accessories are interchangeable. What this delivers to you is a flexible and adaptable solution that expands your storage and transport capabilities.


All of our carts are made of highly durable, impact-resistant plastic. Color is integrated into the plastic, as well, so there is no color chipping, even if surfaces are scratched. The result: a product that keeps up appearances.

Clean ability and infection control

All interior components and accessories can be removed from the cart body, making every surface—inside and out—accessible for cleaning. Surfaces can be washed without danger of rusting or surface damage.


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